Business Start-ups

Before getting started with a new business, call us and we can advise you on the steps to take to get your business started the right way. Burgess Sharp & Golden will consult with you the type of entity best for your situation, from an LLC, Corporation, or S-Corp., how to get a relationship started with a bank, your liability or lack thereof, business plan, registering your business and business name, meeting legal/tax requirements for your particular business, the type of licensing your business may need, contract review or drafting, consultation on hiring employees, drafting or reviewing personnel policies, and training on personnel policies.

Business Consultation & Litigation

As an employer you are faced with a myriad of federal and state laws and regulations that govern the workplace. In order to comply with these laws and to provide a positive workplace, employers must dedicate tremendous resources to labor and employment law issues. As experts in these areas, Burgess Sharp & Golden can help you navigate through these laws and regulations, without wasting your resources. If litigation does come to your business, we are prepared to defend your company as we have for others in the past.

Sale of Businesses, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Our attorneys have advised and assisted in the sale or purchase of multiple businesses, including dental practices, transportation services, tanning salons, consulting firms, law offices, and entertainment businesses just to name a few.

Mediation, Arbitration and Pre-dispute Resolution

Sometimes litigation is not the answer. Whether you have already been offered new employment, have a well-known employer, or just don’t feel that a trial is in your best interest, Burgess Sharp & Golden is well-versed in mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution techniques. In fact, Rex Burgess is a trained mediator having completed the ICLE 40-hour mediation course. All of our attorneys have successfully negotiated dozens of cases to final resolution prior to trial, both before and after filing cases in State and Federal court.